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Welcome to the Lore Codex, a repository of my Flight Rising lore. This is a major work in progress so don't look at it pls.

Major Factions

Vilomaxus Cruentu Quodpipax
Element: Plague

The Order of Unquenchable Bloodthirst, led by Demontius the Blessed. Blood-drinkers, plague-spreaders, bone-wearers, and generally fanatic followers of the Plaguebringer, dwelling in a stone citadel in the inner Rotrock Rim. Consists of four sub-factions: Contagion, Blood, Blight, and Death.

Nexus-Morphix Enterprise
Element: Lightning

A megacorporation led by Nexus and Mech Morphix; Nexus is the central core in charge of the facility, and Morphix is the CEO in charge of public affairs. The company focuses on development and manufacturing of robots, cybernetic implants and prosthetics, artificial intelligence, and mutagenic body modifications. The N.M.E. HQ is located in a semi-underground facility, built into the face of a mesa in the Lightning Farm.

Everfall Isle
Element: Nature/Fire

A remote, unmapped volcanic island in a state of eternal autumn. The domain of Adaenur the Harvestwatcher, a minor deity of harvest and rebirth. Home to Adaenur's harvest priests, and a peaceful sanctuary for stranded sailors, runaways, and pretty much anyone; Adaenur welcomes all under her wing.

Minor Factions

Sootstorm Forge
Element: Fire

A quaint forge by the Everfall Isle's active volcano, owned by Greathill and Borealis Sootstorm. Spiritual successor to the Sootstorms' first clan, the Lambda Forge, which had fallen to a mind-twisting plague.

Jeweled Grove
Element: Arcane

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