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I'm an aspiring Doom modder, with focus on the graphical side of things because I'm bad at actually making maps that play good. Nevertheless I've released a few maps throughout my Doom history. and by a few i mean one (1). technically 2 but the first one is bad.


you're going to need a bigger boat (129_boat.wad)
Doom II | Boom format | MAP01 | UV only

A mildly slaughtery hell-themed map with a few easter eggs. Technically not a final version, so enjoy at your own risk.

WIP Projects

These might or might not ever see the light of day. Most my projects don't because they don't have maps. Maybe someday, when these get enough assets, i'm gonna hire a mapper.....maybe.

Shattered Dawn (shatterdawn.pk3)
Doom II | GZDoom | conversion

The largest and longest surviving project so far, my pride and joy, the super mega cool and whatnot idea to beat all the other super mega cool and whatnot ideas I've had, Shattered Dawn has gone through several phases and ports but for now I've settled in the comfort of GZDoom, although I'm aiming to not get overwhelmed and mess with the fundamental gameplay too much.

Shattered Dawn contains a fresh new palette full of vivid brights, dulled shadows, and blips of fullbright. Its visual direction is a combination of Quake, Doom, and Heretic/Hexen because thats what im "borrowing" assets from haha im gonna have a field day writing up the credits for this one. Everything of course gets that personal Mal touch which consists of a denoise pass, manual touchups, or heavy repaints. I'm making this sound like another crappy low effort TC made by an overly excited 13 yr old on doomworld but it's gonna be good i tell ya.

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